• Easigas and other LPG Suppliers that own cylinders, have adopted a general practice that allows end-users to exchange one brand of cylinder for another during a purchase.
  • This will be company owned cylinders provided with a deposit that is refundable upon the return of the cylinder.
  • Easigas supply and fills a range of LPG cylinder sizes from 9kg, 14kg, 19kg, 48kg, as well as forklift truck cylinders.

Easigas Cylinders

  • Easigas
  • Reatile


Only Easigas can fill or refill an Easigas or Reatile cylinder. All Easigas and Reatile cylinders sold must have a shrink wrap on the valve bearing an Easigas logo with a unique serial number.

Easigas Cylinders 1
Easigas Cylinders 2

Other Oil Company Cylinder Brands Acceptable for Exchange

  • Afrox
  • Autogas Afrox
  • Air Liquide
  • BP
  • Calgas/Caltex
  • Engen
  • Fedgas
  • Homegas
  • Indigas
  • Mobil Gas
  • Oryx
  • Solgas
  • Sonarep/Sonop
  • Totalgaz
  • Wasa


Cylinder sizes below 9kg are not acceptable for exchange

Other Oil Company 1
Other Oil Company 2
Other Oil Company 3
Other Oil Company 4
Other Oil Company 5
Other Oil Company 6
Other Oil Company 7
Other Oil Company 8

Privately Owned Cylinders Not Acceptable For Exchange

  • Includes Cadac, Alva, Outback, Big Jim, Ref chem, Hamwig, Laboh , Totai, Pabar, Atlas gas, Presto gas, megamaster


Cylinder sizes below 9kg are not acceptable for exchange

Privately Owned Cylinders 1
Privately Owned Cylinders 2

Unidentifiable and damaged cylinders are not acceptable for exchange and may not be refilled.

  • Corroded cylinders
  • Cylinders from fire
  • Cylinders missing foot rims, valves and valve guards
  • Cylinders that have been welded
damaged cylinders 1
damaged cylinders 2

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